Staying Sassy Sunday

Staying Sassy Sunday – Stellar Supplements

Happy Sunday, babes! I hope this finds you ready to conquer the upcoming week! No Sunday Scaries here!

On this installment of Staying Sassy Sunday, I wanted to talk about health supplements. In my mind the goal of a supplement is to maximize health and quality of life. I know with modern advertising it can make it hard to choose a product because there are just SO MANY! We ask questions like: Which one really works? What is the most cost effective, yet still does what it is supposed to? What does that Supplement even do?

These are my top 5 supplements to maximize fitness recovery, overall health, and life longevity.

1. Tumeric and Curcumin

This spice packs a potent punch as far as health benefits go! Used by many, as a natural anti inflammatory, this supplement does some pretty awesome other things too. According to an article from Healthline, Tumeric and Curcumin can improve brain function, and possibly even prevent/treat cancer, just to name a few. The list continues and if you’re interested in reading more, check the article out here at Heathline.

Product Links:

Primal Harvest 

Vimerson Health on Amazon

Organic Tumeric Root Powder on Amazon 


2. Collagen

As one of the most abundant proteins present in your body, simply put, collagen is known for being the glue that holds you together. Collagen is part of connective tissues making up certain parts of your body like, tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles. There are many benefits to taking a collagen supplement. In my mind these are the most important: 1. Collagen can improve your overall gut health and 2. Collagen can improve skin health. Here is the full list of benefits at Healthline.

Product Links:

Renew Multi Collagen Protein Powder on Amazon

NeoCell Super Collagen on Amazon

Amandean Premium Anti Aging Marine Collagen Powder on Amazon



AKA Branched-Chain Amino Acids, these are present in protein – rich foods like eggs, meat, and dairy products. This supplement is great for my fitness gurus out there, because it can decrease muscle soreness, and fatigue from working out. Interested in the entire article, catch it here at Healthline.

Product Links:

Transparent Labs BCAA Glutamine 

Performance Lab BCAA

Bulk Supplements BCAA Powder


4. Glucosamine

A naturally occurring property in your body, and a widely used supplement for joint health, glucosamine has a handful of healthy benefits. Glucosamine is known for reducing inflammation, and being a treatment for Glaucoma. Read the article in it’s entirety at Healthline.

Product Links:

Schiff Glucosamine on Amazon

Healthy Joint System Glucosamine on Amazon

Bluebonnet Vegetarian Glucosamine on Amazon


5. Super Greens

This is a supplement to help you reach your daily green vegetable intake, because who eats enough broccoli, for real?! The supplement is meant to boast body immunity, energy levels and body detoxification. Biggest benefit: Prevention of Chronic Disease. Read the full article at Healthline.

Product Links:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood on Amazon

Nested Super Greens on Amazon

1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50


Hope this sets you up for a healthy, successful week! Have ideas for articles you’d like to see in the future, let me know in the comments below!

❤ Steph (Bubbly Bling Blog)


*Disclaimer: Beyond my training in CrossFit, and personal experience I am not a health professional. You should consult your physician before introducing any supplement into your daily routine.



Fab Friday Finds

Fab Friday Finds – Amazon Fall Fashion

Hey Fashion People! If you love amazon as much as I do, I have a handful of amazing fall finds to add to your wardrobe as the temperatures start to drop!

Women’s Casual Pullover Sweater – $26.99

This oversized sweater is perfect to belt up and wear as a dress (if you order a size or two up), or just over jeans or leggings with cute booties! It comes in a bunch of colors and is a perfect addition to your fall lineup.

Women’s Leather Slip on Mules – $57.98+s/h

These Gucci Dupes are a reasonable, cute alternative and super on trend for the fall.

Ankle Boot – $33.38

These are a staple paired with jeans, leggings, and dresses.

Belt Buckle Fedora Hat – $16.45

This hat comes in a handful of colors and is perfect for fall!

Oversized Jean Jacket – $34.99

This is a must have for every fall wardrobe, and this price is a steal!


❤ Steph (Bubblyblingblog)

Mid Week Mania

Mid Week Mania – How to be content in any situation

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people!!

It occurred to me the other day that some people actually CHOOSE to live in the pain of their circumstances. I was struck by this as a CHOICE. Why on earth would anyone choose to be miserable all the time?! Seems like a pretty painful existence, when life is already so short.

I have recently come to the conclusion that happiness, is a conscientious choice we make everyday. We can choose to allow the bad things in our lives to dictate how we act and treat others, or we can choose to be kind, helpful, and a source of light for others, no matter the darknesses we face personally.


Here are five ways that I choose happiness and to try to exercise contentment in every situation.

1. Be grateful for everything.

Even in the worst circumstances there is a silver lining. Find it, be grateful for it. Live for that silver lining.

2. Count your blessings.

Recently I started going back to church. (No this isn’t “I go to church so you should too” plug) and I found that in the face of adversity, beyond being grateful for a silver lining, I started saying things OUT LOUD that were blessings to me. For example: I have food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, family and friends who love and support me, an amazing husband, my health, etc. All of these things are above and beyond what some people have in this world. I am richly blessed. So no matter what I am going through, those blessings remain a constant source of support. I can get through anything, as long as those things are there. Certainly more than enough reasons to be happy.

3. Find a way to let off steam.

For me, CrossFit is the ticket. But if the gym isn’t your thing, get outside, go for a walk, take a nap, read a book, get a massage, play with your pet, find a hobby, make a friend, volunteer, watch a new show, the list is endless. Self Care is super important, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

4. Talk to a friend.

I know this isn’t always easy. You have walls up, you don’t want people knowing your business. But I can tell you, talking to someone will remove a weight off your chest.

5. Learn to be good, no matter what.

This is like someone giving you $100, and you saying, “Thanks, I appreciate you. But I am good.” Now…you would never say that to the person gifting you money, but it’s the concept, not the lack of manners that is important. You see, when we can say “I am good” in every situation and MEAN it, you’ve found contentment. I am not saying, refuse help. Or that this concept is easy to wrap your head around, or even implement. But in some situations worrying, and stressing don’t change anything. Anticipate the outcomes, be ready for anything, and come to terms with whatever could happen. That is TRUE peace.


I hope this helps you to learn how to choose JOY in your life every, single day!


❤ Steph (Bubblyblingblog)

Staying Sassy Sunday

Staying Sassy Sunday -Top 5 Fall Trends Alert!

Hey hey hey!!

I have finally recouped from New York Fashion Week, and have semi digested the fantastic, craziness that comes from seeing so much inspiration in one place and I am so excited to bring some AMAZING fall trends to you.

1. Pearls, pearls, and more pearls! Did I say pearls were super hot for the Fall?! If I didn’t…PEARLS!


Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate pearls into your fall wardrobe.

Pearl Headband – -$2.00

Stella and Dot Pearl/Crystal Waterfall Earrings – – $59

Faux Pearl Waist Belt – – $9.99

2. Hair clips are also super hot for the Fall. Take a peek at the awesome options below.


Cutie Hair clips Set – – $7.99

Boss Diamante Hair Clip – – $9.60

Faux Pearl Design Heart and Letter Hair Clips – – 3.00

3. In my opinion, animal print is ALWAYS in style. But cheetah print has seemed to explode onto the fashion scene this fall. Here are some ways to incorporate Cheetah print into your fall style!


Leopard Reversible Bomber  – – $139

Faux Suede Leopard Print Booties – – $32

Burgundy/Leopard Print Pleated Skirt – – $39.99

4. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle (or a lot in my case) One of my favorite trends on the runway this season, was the use of sequins or rhinestones.


This trend can spruce up even the most mundane of fall looks!

Sequined Blazer – – $149

Sequin Sleeve Denim Jacket – – $42.95

Sequin – Embellished Fleece Sweatshirt – – $24.90

5. The last fall trend made a huge impact at NYFW. The days of the puffy sleeves have returned!


Plus Size Mesh Puff-Sleeve Top – – $28

Solid Puff Sleeve Sweetheart Neck Top – – $13

Madeline Frill Trim D-ring Belted Puff Sleeve Shirt Dress – – $23


Hope you enjoyed these ideas!! If you have requests for articles, leave me a comment below!!


Steph (bubblyblingblog)





Staying Sassy Sunday

Staying Sassy Sunday – What to Snack on to Stay Healthy

I don’t know about you guys, but I do really great on my meal plan from about 7am-6pm, then the snack monster comes out. Changing your eating habits is always a hard fought battle, but snacking doesn’t have to be detrimental to you goals.

Here are a few of my favorite go-to snacks when I am craving something more than what I planned and prepped for the day.

Edamame – Carried in most local grocery stores, just buy a few bags and pop them in the microwave, and add whatever seasoning you want (My favorites are sea salt and red pepper flakes) when you’re craving something salty. Edamame is a great source of plant based protein and can help keep the cravings at bay.


Kemps Black Jack Cherry Low Fat Frozen Yogurt – This stuff is amazing when you are craving something sweet, but isn’t a huge diet killer.


Portable Protein Packs – these travel size protein packs are a staple in my diet. You can get turkey, chicken, or ham,  with a plethora of cheese, and nut combinations. I love them because they are a great source of protein and fat! Some even have chocolate in them!


Ascent Protein Shakes  – I really enjoy this brand because it is natural and the flavors are great! My favorite flavor is the Lemon Sorbet, but Cappuccino is a close second!


Apples and Peanut Butter – Boy do I love this combination! One apple and two tablespoons of creamy peanut butter goes a long way when you’re craving something sweet!


I hope some of these ideas keep the snack monster at bay, and your goals in full swing!

❤ Steph (Bubbly Bling Blog)




Fab Friday Finds

Fab Friday Finds – Must Have Bags for Fall

Hard to believe that Fall is upon us, mostly because I am not ready for summer to be over. What can I say, I am a summer babe! But before you know it, the air will turn crisp, pumpkin spice everything will be on the shelves, and the leaves will begin to turn.

With the change of seasons, comes the obvious for us Fashionistas. Changes in our wardrobe. I figured I could ease into Fall with, “Five Must Have Bags for Fall”

1. Geometric Shaped Bags

Faux Leather Satchel – Forever 21 – $19.92

Faux Patent Leather Round Bad – Forever 21 – $24.90

Toyshop – Candy Boxy Ball Grab Bag – Nordstrom – $52.00

2. Fur Ladened Bags

Shaggy Faux Fur Tote – Forever 21 – $24.90

Faux Fur Clutch – Forever 21 – $17.90

Topshop – Tess Faux Fur Handle Tote Bag – Nordstrom – $52

3. Bags with Chain Accessories

ASOS Design Bowler Bag – $22.50

Topshop Shaw Crocodile Shoulder Bag – Nordstrom – $48

ASOS Glamorous Exclusive Slouch Brown Shoulder Bag with Chain Straps – $40

4. Oversized Tote Bags

Calvin Klein Tannya Extra Large Logo Tote – Macys – $67.13

Neon Puffer Tote Bag – Forever 21 – $20.93

Lady Boss Bag – Stella and Dot – $139

5. Belt/Utility Bags

Grey Belt Bag – Stella and Dot – $69

Double Quilted Belt Bag – Forever 21 – $12.99

Faux Croc Leather Belt Bag – Forever 21 – $19.90

I hope these fab bag styles get you in the mood to  update your Fall Wardrobe little by little, even if we still have more summer to enjoy!

❤ Steph (Bubbly Bling Blog)



Mid Week Mania

Mid Week Mania – Macronutrient How-to: A step by step guide

With a plethora of Diet and Nutrition options out there, it is no wonder that you might be in a daze when it comes to choosing a plan that is right for you. Speaking from personal experience, and coming from a place where my weight and overall health has been a veritable yo-yo my entire life, it is no wonder people look at me with a flat lined stare, when I tell them that I have been most successful with counting my macronutrients. 

The most common questions I get are, “What are macronutrients?”, “How do you count macros?”, “Isn’t it hard, or overwhelming?” My response to all of these things are give me 30 minutes of your time and it might change your life. 

My entire life, I have believed that Carbs are bad, Cardio is Queen, and that to lose weight I needed to starve myself to achieve my weight loss goals. I am here to tell you, (backed by science) that this is NOT the case. 

What if I told you, that courtesy of flexible dieting, (meaning that you could eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger for the rest of your life) and still get a six pack? You’d probably look at me like I had twelve heads, right?! But what I am saying is 100% true. 

Macronutrients simply put are the specific grams of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates your body needs to consume to achieve whatever your goals are. You see, depending on if you want to lose weight/body fat, add muscle, or maintain your current weight and based on your age, weight, and activity level your macronutrient numbers will be very different than the person sitting next to you.

For example:

Myself – Stats: 36 yo, Female, weighing 180lbs, works out consistently 4-5 times a week, wanting to lose weight/body fat

Macronutrients – Fat: 65 grams, Carbohydrates: 176 grams, Protein: 160 grams 

Consuming approximately 1,929 Calories on a daily basis – (not your grandma’s 1200 caloric daily intake, right?!)

My husband – States: 27 yo, Male, weighing 245lbs, works out consistently 4-5 times a week, wanting to lose weight/body fat

Macronutrients – Fat: 122 grams, Carbohydrates: 458 grams, Protein: 183 grams

Consuming approximately 3,660 calories on a daily basis.

**See how much different the numbers are based on our size and gender alone? These numbers are the amount of each type of macronutrients you can have per day. Now I know that seems overwhelming, but I am going to give you a list of things to make this transition much easier for you!

Step 1: Google search a macronutrient calculator. My favorite is:

Enter your information and get your numbers (they send them via email, so you will have to enter your email address)

Step 2: Download MyFitnessPal to your phone (pay for the upgrade – this is your health and fitness we’re talking about)

Step 3: Go to app and click MORE, and then GOALS ——> Scroll to see Nutrition goals and click on Calorie, Carbs, Protein, and Fat Goals

Step 4: Enter the numbers for each macronutrient that you were given from the Macronutrient Calculator in Step 1 (Easiest if you start with the calories – usually the app evens out the nutrients appropriately, but you can go in and customize them if you need to. **If you have not paid for the upgrade – get as close to the percentage as you can (Consistency is more important in the beginning anyways.)

Step 5: (The Hardest part in my opinion) Weigh and log all of your food…

I know…I know. Who has time for this?!! (Reminder: your overall health will thank you!) 

You will need to purchase a food scale – Target and Wal-Mart have the cheapest ones. Anything homemade will need to be weighed and measured. The cool thing about MyFitnessPal is they have an extensive database, if you are not a chef (like me). The other cool thing, is that you can save recipes, or if you meal prep, you can save those recipes too, for easy access to adding them to your daily intake. They also have macronutrients for popular restaurants too, if you do go out to eat.

Step 6: The goal is to 0 out on each macronutrient, and to do this consistently over time. The more consistent you are, the better your results.

These are the basics when it comes to calculating and tracking your macronutrients. The best part about tracking macros is that it is flexible. If you want a cheeseburger from McDonalds, you can have one, if you plan for it. As long as you stay within your numbers, you can continue to enjoy foods, most would think are off limits for a diet, or to lose weight. How many times have you started a “diet” only to mess up in the first week because you ate something you weren’t supposed to? I used to do that ALL THE TIME. Personally, I have been most successful with tracking macros over anything else because it allows me the flexibility to eat what I want, and not feel guilty about it.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, post them in the comment section.

❤ Steph (Bubbly Bling Blog)